The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – How to Build your own house

Building a house in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has been possible since the Hearthfire DLC . So you no longer need to fall back on already finished dwellings, but can design your very own home. In this guide you will learn:

  • Where you can find properties for sale
  • How you build a house on it
  • What materials do you need

Building houses in Skyrim: First receive the courier

As soon as you have installed the Hearthfire DLC in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim , Jarl Siddgeir will send a courier to you . You will receive the information from him that you can now buy a plot of land and build a house on it. To complete the deal, you must first visit the Jarl in Falkenring.

Choose and buy a plot of land

Admittedly, you can’t just build your house into the landscape as you wish. There are three prefabricated plots from which you can choose: Haus Seeblick, Haus Heljarchen and Haus Windstad. The areas are all in different areas and require different requirements.

  • Haus Seeblick: This property is directly in Falkenring. The only requirement is that you receive the title Thane from the Jarl. Do quests for the chief and increase his reputation.
  • Haus Heljarchen: The property is located in Pale. In order to buy it, you must complete the quest “A Living Nightmare”. You will receive the mission from Erandur, who is in the Windy Summit tavern in Twilight Star.
  • House Windstad: This property can be found in Hjaalmarsch. Before that, however, you have to complete the quest “The Last Rest”. You get the job from Joanna, the owner of the Moorblick Tavern in Morthal.

If you have decided on one of the three properties, you have to pay 5,000 sevenths for it. The purchase also automatically starts a quest that leads you to the property you have purchased and which you can find in your diary.

Gather all building materials together

On the construction site you will find a treasure chest that already provides you with a few building materials: 30x clay, 30x broken stone, 6x iron ingot, 1x emery ingot. However, you will not get along with that for long, which is why you will have to search for it yourself.

  • You can mine iron in the iron mine. You bring the proceeds to a smelter and receive iron bars from there .
  • Quarry stone can be obtained from quarries or bought from merchants.
  • Look for clay pits near bodies of water and use a pickaxe to mine clay there.
  • You cannot mine wood , you have to buy it in sawmills.

Let’s go: build your house!

Establish the foundation

Before you can build your house, you need to lay the foundations. On the construction site you will find a drawing table and a carpenter’s bench . First interact with the drawing table and mark the place where the foundation is to be built. A rectangle appears on the floor that you can move until you have found the optimal place. For the foundation you need 10x quarry stone and 1x wood.

Build main house

In order to be able to finish your main house, you have to follow a certain sequence . Build the respective elements in this order:

  • Frame the walls
  • walls
  • floor
  • Framework for the roof
  • Cover the roof
  • entrance

You will quickly notice that you need materials such as nails or iron fittings for some construction projects. You can make them yourself on your carpenter’s bench .

The costs for your house at a glance

If you want to collect enough resources right from the start and start the construction perfectly prepared, you will find a list of the costs to complete your main house here:

Construction phasematerial
foundation10x broken stone, 1x wood
Frames for walls10x nails, 6x wood
walls8x nails, 4x clay, 2x wood
floor4x broken stone
Framework for the roof6x wood
Cover the roof10x nails, 1x wood
entrance2x hinges, 2x nails, 1x lock, 1x iron fitting, 1x wood

Add a main hall to your house

You can expand your house in Skyrim, for example by adding a main hall . In this way you create even more space in your own home and have more options for furnishing it. You have to collect the following materials for the main hall:

Construction phasematerial
foundation4x wood, 30x broken stone
floor6x broken stone
Frame the walls16x wood, 20x nails
Walls on the ground floor4x wood, 8x clay, 16x nails
Support beam upper floor6x wood, 10x nails
Walls on the first floor4x wood, 8x clay, 12x nails
Roof frame10x wood
Cover the roof2x wood, 50x broken stone, 25x nails
door2x hinges, 1x lock, 1x wood, 2x nails, 1x iron fitting

Build your house into a property

As soon as the house and main hall are in place, you can add three more wings to provide more storage space. You can place the following rooms in the respective wing:

  • North wing: alchemy laboratory, storage room, trophy room
  • East wing: library, arsenal, kitchen
  • West wing: greenhouse, bedroom, enchanter’s tower

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