Jurassic World Evolution 2: 8 Tips for Beginners

With Jurassic World Evolution 2 there is finally the long-awaited successor to the popular economic simulation from 2018. You can research new buildings again, send scientists on excavations, extract DNA and breed your own dinosaurs from it. In this guide you will learn:

  • What to look out for when building a park
  • What you should consider with your dinosaurs
  • Which skills are essential for your scientists

Do you want to win a few awards at the same time as building the park? In our trophy guide for Jurassic World Evolution 2, you can find out which successes you need to achieve.

Do not devote yourself to the sandbox mode until later

As with many other simulation games, your fingers are itching to start straight away with the free game. But regardless of whether you are a newcomer or a connoisseur: Start the campaign. At three to four hours it is not really long, but it teaches you all the important basics and reminds one or the other player of part 1 of some game mechanics.

If you are playing the strategy game for the first time, you should continue with the chaos theory story mode to delve deeper into the matter. It serves as an even more detailed tutorial so that you can continue perfectly prepared.

If you have already played part 1 and want to start with the sandbox mode, as it is called in Jurassic World Evolution 2, as soon as possible, you should devote yourself to the challenges after the campaign.

The reason is simple: If you start directly with the sandbox mode, the database that you can access is incredibly small. Only by playing the other modes do you switch z. B. free new dinosaurs, which you can then use in free play.

Tip: If you choose the easiest game mode for the challenges, this will be the quickest way to unlock new dinosaurs and buildings.

Build with foresight

When you start building your park, use the space available to you and don’t build everything close together. For example, you shouldn’t build paths right next to an enclosure, but at a certain distance from it. Instead, use grandstands from which visitors can watch the dinosaurs.

In the course of the game, new buildings are always added, which is why you should build with foresight so as not to have to tear down incorrectly placed buildings in the end. It makes sense that you pave a main path and build the hotels, shops and restaurants to the left and right of it.

You have to make sure that visitors’ needs and wants are met. You can call up the park rating in the park overview. Select the category facilities there to see how the supply of food, beverages and shopping is going. From the menu you can then go back to your park and see exactly where there is room for improvement.

Improve park rating – this is how it works

The more optimally your park is built, the better your rating. In addition to the facilities, keep an eye on the guests as well. You can also find this point under Park Rating. In Jurassic World Evolution 2, the expansion of the paths is of great importance.

In the diagram you can easily see how many guests you currently have (blue line), how many guests you could have due to the park equipment (white line) and how much visitor capacity your paths have (red-dashed line). You should focus on the last line. 

Explore wider trails and replace the old ones in the park. You will then see in the park rating that the dashed line is significantly closer to the white line and that you now have many more visitors in your park. And more visitors mean more profit – and in the end a better park rating.

Build and optimize your business

Your park visitors not only want to admire dinosaurs, they also want to eat, drink and buy souvenirs.

Build and assign businesses

At the beginning build two restaurants in your park and convert one of them into a drinks hall. To do this, you have to select the building and click on “Configure” in the window and the next one. As soon as the product type opens, you select “Other” at the bottom and change the burger shop into a drinks shop.

Optimize buildings

If you click on an opened shop, you will see four different types of visitors: normal visitors (gray), adventurous visitors (orange), nature-loving visitors (green) and luxurious visitors (yellow). How high the proportion of the respective guests is depends on your park structure and the rating.

You can optimize each of your shops individually and adapt them to the needs of the visitors. To do this, select each store once and make sure that none of the visitor bars are in the red area. If so, click once on “Configure” and equip the indoor modules. That means: you decide what should be sold. Each bar should be outside the red area, which also increases your profit significantly.

Make your dinosaurs happy and take care of their health

Of course, you not only care about the well-being of your visitors, but also that of your dinosaurs. As soon as you select one of the prehistoric monsters, you will receive information on satisfaction, health, comfort and much more. Click through the individual tabs, but focus on comfort. If this value falls into the red area, your dinosaurs will break out and hunt down the visitors.

So make sure that the enclosure (area) is large enough and that there are not too many conspecifics in the area (cohabitation). The equipment of the enclosure is also important: Under environmental requirements you can see whether the dinosaur likes it sandy or woody, needs water holes and whether it hunts live prey.

Speaking of prey: You can also see in the information which other species the dinosaur gets along with – and which not. Those species that are tolerated can live in the enclosure. Conflicts arise with the others, or one of the two ends up as food.

Fun fact: If you have an enclosure for velociraptors, the information tells you that he has no problem with the species Compsognathus. Basically it doesn’t, because the Velociraptor likes to eat its little roommate ! Even if the info tells you otherwise, you shouldn’t put the two of them in an enclosure together.

Pay attention to the symbols above the dinosaurs

When you roam your park in Jurassic World Evolution 2, you will quickly notice the symbols above the animals. Some have negative effects from birth, making them rangers or not completely healthy. It can therefore make sense that you hatch the dinosaurs again instead of putting sick ones into the enclosure.

You can also tell from the display whether the animals are poisoned. You can avoid this by paying attention to which plants you are using when expanding the enclosure. This is particularly important with herbivores, as plants are their main source of nutrition.

Interesting facts about the scientists

With scientists you advance your research in Jurassic World Evolution 2. You send them to excavations to extract dinosaur DNA and continue working with it. Every scientist has three skills: logistics, genetics and wellbeing.

It is good to have scientists who are well versed in all fields, but more importantly that you have specialists. With every task or research that you have to solve, you need high scores on one of the skills. So make sure you don’t have too many “all-rounders”.

Also, pay attention to the characteristics of the scientists. This can range from faster treatment to positive influence to genetic specialization and much more. The best features are reduced task costs and less time spent on task completion.

Research: Keep your scientists busy at all times

Make sure your scientists are always busy doing research . In this way you can unlock new species, widen the paths of the visitors (you remember tip 3) or improve the scientists themselves.

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