GTA: Vice City Definitive Edition – Beginners Tips

GTA: Vice City – Beginners Tips for the Start of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Here you will find tips for the Rockstar Games classic in the 80s guise. We provide you with information on the wanted level, free car repairs, the stunts and much more. With Tommy Vercetti you will experience a successful entry into the Grand Theft Auto classic.

Tips for beginners for GTA: Vice City – The Grand Theft Auto classic is now also included in the Grand Theft Auto trilogy in a prettified form for PS5, Xbox Series X as well as PC and Nintendo Switch. We provide you with a beginner’s guide for the Rockstar Games adventure in the setting of the 80s. As Tommy Vercetti you make your way through the Miami-based city and complete all sorts of missions and illustrious side tasks. Make sure that Vice City has older game techniques than GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto 4. With these tips we want to make the start of the game a little easier for you.

GTA Vice City – Tips for beginners

  1. 1 useful city tour
  2. 2 easy girls for more HP
  3. 3 Free repairs for cars
  4. 4 hands up, attack!
  5. 5 friend and helper for the police
  6. 6 The ramps for stunts
  7. 7 get rid of police and wanted stars

Useful city tour      

Familiarize yourself with the Vice City area. Before you accept an assignment, you should first take the car around the area a little. On this you can explore abbreviations and how you can make use of them. Use taxi, ambulance or ice cream truck missions right from the start to get to know the road network better. This gives you an advantage, especially in time-critical missions.

Easy girls for more HP      

The curb swallows help you to a state of health that goes well beyond 100 percent. Drive slowly along the side of the road in a car until you stand next to such a lady. Unfortunately, this does not work with a police car, a taxi or a badly damaged car. Wait until the lady gets in and now drive with her to a strip of green that is a little off the beaten track. After a few rhythmic movements of your car, Tommy’s life indicator increases to a maximum of 125 percent.

Free repairs for cars      

With a little trick you can repair your car without having to drive to a Pay’n’Spray garage. Park your damaged car in the garage of your hiding place and save your score. If you then load it, the car is in top condition.

Hands up, raid!      

One particularly easy way to get hold of money is through robberies. In every shop there is a bored guy behind the counter. If you target these people, they will give you their money. The longer you threaten the slow-moving goods, the more coal you get. Your wanted level also rises enormously through robberies. If you want to solve GTA: Vice City 100 percent, you rob every business.

Friend and helper for the police      

If you see a policeman chasing after a fleeing crook, help the law enforcement officer. Chase the crook and knock him down to get $ 50 plus praise from the cop. For every additional kick you take against the pixel villain who is lying on the ground, you will receive an additional $ 50. But the policeman doesn’t give up more than $ 200. IMPORTANT: Do not use a firearm under any circumstances, otherwise the policeman will attack you.

The ramps for stunts      

Heat over every ramp and hill you find. Some jumps bring you the super insane jump award, for which you collect a lot of money. Refresh your health. If your life energy slips into critical areas, you collect one of the little hearts that are scattered all over the city. These help you achieve full health. In hospitals and pharmacies, you can get medical treatment for a small fee at any time of the day or night.

Get rid of the police and wanted stars      

At the first wanted level, you will easily escape the police. Stand in a secluded alley and wait until the star disappears again. At higher wanted levels, you are a little trickier. Since the wanted level does not decrease by itself, you collect “bribes” in the form of police badges (star symbols), which are distributed throughout the city. It is important that you know the locations of these brands and that you can find them quickly when the going gets tough

. On the following map we mark the locations of all police brands with which you lower the wanted level.
In Vice City you will find bribe stars at these points, which you can use to lower your level of awareness.

Beware of police helicopters: this is the best place to save ammunition. The helicopters can only be fetched from the sky with the rocket launcher or any assault rifle (Ruger or M4), which you will only receive later in the game. Better go quickly to the nearest Pay’n’Spray store. After your car has been repainted and repaired, the police officers do not recognize it and the wanted level is set to zero. Go to a clothes store and get new clothes. Your wanted level will drop significantly as a result. During some missions you have a bunch of law enforcement officers on your neck. Do not necessarily try to shake it off, complete the objective. As soon as the order is fulfilled, the wanted level expires. This works for almost all orders.

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