GTA Trilogy – Vice City: All 100 Packages Location

Find all 100 packages in GTA: Vice City of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: Our map shows all locations of the hidden packages. We’ll also tell you the rewards for collecting these collectibles and where you can find them. In addition to the hidden parcels, our map also shows the most important places, shops or the bribe symbols.

Find all 100 hidden parcels in GTA Vice City: With the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, Rockstar Games delivers another detour to Vice City in the setting of the 80s. We offer you tips on the hidden packages including the rewards. We show you a map of the game world with all the hiding spots and more. For this you rattle off all the locations and then receive a reward for every tenth parcel. In addition to a bulletproof vest, these are also the minigun, the rocket launcher, a flamethrower and more.

Our test for the GTA Trilogy is also in progress. We recommend you our beginner tips for GTA Vice City. Here you will find a starter guide for the first hours of the game. In it we tell you how you can get rid of wanted stars, how you can earn money outside of the missions or have your car repaired for free.

GTA Vice City – Map with all 100 packages and more

Just use the following in-game map of Vice City for the locations of the parcels as well as the most important shops and more. You can also find the bribe symbols (P) on the Vice City Map. With these you lower your wanted level as soon as the law enforcement officers are on your tail.
In the game world of Vice City you will find 100 packagesThose:

GTA Vice City – Rewards for the 100 packages

You will receive the following rewards for collecting every tenth parcel. Once you own Starfish Island, you’ll find most of the items on the premises. The Rhino and the AH-64 Apache can only be found on Fort Baxter Air Base.

Number of packagesrewardLocation
10Bulletproof vestOcean View Hotel / Starfish Island Estate
20chainsawOcean View/Starfish Island Anwesen
30PythonOcean View Hotel / Starfish Island Estate
40flamethrowerOcean View Hotel / Starfish Island Estate
50Laser Scope Sniper RifleOcean View Hotel / Starfish Island Estate
60MinigunOcean View Hotel / Starfish Island Estate
70Rocket launcherOcean View Hotel / Starfish Island Estate
80Sea SparrowStarfish Island estate
90RhinoFort Baxter Air Base
100AH-64 Apache + $ 100.000Fort Baxter Air Base

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