GTA: San Andreas – The Definitive Edition – All Trophies & Achievements

In this trophy guide for GTA: San Andreas you will learn:

  • How many trophies there are in the Definitive Edition of San Andreas
  • What you have to do to get the achievements

The new edition of GTA: San Andreas is part of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and, like every part of the collection, brings with it a whole range of trophies and successes of its own.

Although you can’t earn trophies with the cheats in GTA: San Andreas, the codes ensure even more crazy action in the open world. We have listed all cheats for you in the linked guide.

There are so many trophies in GTA: San Andreas

On the PS4 and PS5 you can unlock a total of 35 trophies in the Definitive Edition of GTA: San Andreas :

  • 21x Bronze
  • 8x silver
  • 5x Gold
  • 1x Platin

If you play San Andreas on Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X, you can collect 34 successes that give you a total of 1,000 points in Gamerscore .

GTA: San Andreas – All bronze trophies

Even for the bronze trophies in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas you have to plan a lot of time. So you have to play through the game 100 percent for the success “… It starts again” and then start a new game run.

It startsComplete “Big Smoke”.Bronze10
Mit extra DipBuy 8 dishes from Cluckin ‘Bell.Bronze5
The End of the LineComplete “End of the Line”.Bronze25
WurfarmGet at least 30 points in the game of basketball.Bronze15
Number 9 twice, pleaseReach the maximum weight.Bronze25
The American dreamBuy a house.Bronze15
Pay ‘n’ SprayUse a pay ‘n’ spray when the police want you.Bronze15
Bike or motorcycleComplete the BMX or NRG challenge.Bronze20
Who asks for directions?Find Mike Toreno in Mike Toreno without following the suggested locations.Bronze40
Liberty City State of MindComplete “Saint Mark’s Bistro”.Bronze25
The horror of Santa MariaDrownBronze5
Coole MovesPerform a perfect dance routine.Bronze10
Get the hang of itWin at least $ 1000 with a single spin on the wheel of fortune.Bronze10
What happens in Las Venturas …Schließe “Yay Ka-Boom-Boom” ab.Bronze25
Make it chic for San FierroComplete “The Green Saber”.Bronze25
How high is the quota?Win a race in the inside track betting shop.Bronze10
Double or nothingPut all your money or the maximum bet on red or black and win.Bronze25
AssassinateKill all enemies in “Madd Dogg’s Rhymes” without being noticed.Bronze25
public Enemy number 1Get 6 wanted stars.Bronze25
Women magnetAchieve maximum sex appeal.Bronze25
… It starts againStart a new game after you have brought a score to 100%.Bronze25

GTA: San Andreas – All silver trophies

If you want to have all the silver trophies in the game , you have to devote yourself to the numerous secondary activities in San Andreas, including the taxi, fire service, ambulance and vigilante missions.

A legal businessExport all three vehicle lists.silver40
With statementsComplete the flight school or one of the driving schools.silver40
What the city needsComplete Level 12 of the Vigilante Missions.silver40
Knight in shining armorComplete level 12 of the ambulance missions.silver45
The kitten on the treeComplete level 12 of the fire department missions.silver40
Yes I speak GermanComplete 50 rides in the taxi missions.silver45
CasanovaGo on at least one date with every potential girlfriend.silver25
Original GangsterEarn maximum respect.silver35

GTA: San Andreas – Gold and Platinum Trophies

At the end of your adventure in the state of San Andreas, the platinum trophy “I’m not a wimp” awaits you on the PS4 and PS5 .

Swiss Army knifeReach the highest level in all weapon skills.Gold50
They don’t stop us allIn “Black Project”, sneak into the underground base without triggering the alarm above ground.Gold40
Today was a good daySpend 24 hours of play without breaking the law, being wanted, or killing / injuring.Gold45
Ain’t Nothing But a G ThingOwn all gang war zones, real estate, and $ 1,000,000.Gold50
RemasteredComplete the game 100%.Gold100
I am not a wimpUnlock all trophies.platinum

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