GTA 3 – The Definitive Edition: All Trophies & Achievements

In this Trophy Guide to GTA 3 – The Definitive Edition you will learn:

  • How many trophies the game offers
  • What you have to do to get all achievements

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition contains GTA 3 as well as GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas, all of which have their own trophy lists, including their respective platinum trophies.

There are so many trophies in GTA 3 – The Definitive Edition

On the PS4 and PS5 you can unlock a total of 29 trophies in GTA 3 :

  • 11x bronze
  • 11x silver
  • 6x gold
  • 1x platinum

If you play GTA 3 – The Definitive Edition on Xbox One or Xbox Series S / X, you can collect 28 achievements that give you a total of 1,000 points in Gamerscore .

GTA 3 – The Definitive Edition: All Bronze Trophies

Trophy hunters must achieve a criminal rating of 2,500 in GTA 3, among other things , in order to receive all bronze trophies.

The first day of workComplete “Luigi’s Girls”.bronze15th
Eel smoothPay bribes 20 times.bronze25th
Destroy evidenceCrush a car in the junkyard.bronze15th
Street cleaningIncapacitate 100 gang members.bronze25th
Not a scratchDo a perfect insane stunt.bronze25th
Come out and playKill 25 gang members with melee weapons or your fists.bronze25th
Full arsenalUse every weapon in the game at least once.bronze25th
Drawn manComplete “The Last Wish”.bronze25th
Offshore deliveryComplete “Night Fishing Hike”.bronze25th
Not so fast!Complete “The Delivery”.bronze25th
right handGet a criminal rating of 2,500.bronze25th

GTA 3 – The Definitive Edition: All Silver Trophies

Only if you build a fortune of 1,000,000 dollars in GTA 3, you will receive the silver trophy “Dirty Money” .

Gang bossKeep the two mafiosi alive in Triads and Other Little Fish.silver45
Looking aheadKill “Chunky” Lee Chong with a car bomb.silver40
I have an ideaUse a coach to pick up all 8 prostitutes in “The Bull Ball” at the same time.silver45
Beat by lengthsComplete the Turismo Race in under 180 seconds.silver30th
Where do you want to go?Receive money for taxi rides 100 times.silver50
A gift from the kingComplete “Day of Vengeance”.silver25th
Men’s toysComplete all Toyz missions.silver30th
Hot showerPut out 15 fires in a single Fire Department mission.silver30th
Doctor gamesComplete level 12 of the ambulance missions.silver35
Renegade criminalKill 15 criminals in a single vigilante mission.silver30th
Dirty moneyBuild a $ 1,000,000 fortune.silver30th

GTA 3 – The Definitive Edition: Gold and Platinum Trophies

In GTA 3 you will also receive a platinum trophy on PS4 and PS5 at the end of the game – if you have achieved 100 percent .

Without any scratchesDeliver Mike “Lips” car undamaged on the first try.gold40
Put your tires up!Complete 20 monster stunts.gold50
One minute in Liberty CitySurvive on less than 10 HP for 1 minute.gold50
Heat, hardship, first aidComplete the fire, vigilante, and ambulance missions.gold55
The secrets of Liberty CityCollect 100 hidden packages.gold60
You don’t have more?Complete the game 100%.gold100
King of Liberty CityUnlock all trophies.platinum

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