Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Buy and Grow new Vegetables and Grains in Update 2.0

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0: In addition to pumpkins, you can now buy other vegetables and grains from the sloth Gerd. We offer you tips on growing tomatoes, potatoes or wheat and more. With the harvested food you cook delicious dishes or drinks in a kitchenette. You can now pay Gerd a daily visit on Harvey’s Island.

Growing more vegetables or crops in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? With the update 2.0 for AC: New Horizons, plant expert Gerd provides you with more seedlings. Whether tomatoes, carrots, potatoes or the already usable pumpkins and fruits, you can prepare the whole thing in delicious food and drinks on the home stove. Here you combine vegetables, cereals with mushrooms or fish.

To get to the new saplings, talk to the sloth Gerd on your island. As soon as you have expanded the service center in the Nintendo Switch hit, guests will visit you on your island every day. Among them is Gerd the sloth. While sugar cane and pumpkins were already available for Animal Crossing: New Horizons before Update 2.0, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and wheat are new.

Planting vegetables in Animal Crossing 2.0

  1. Meet 1 Gerd daily – this is how you find the sloth
  2. 2 New plants at Gerd
  3. 3 grow vegetables and grains
  4. 4 The pumpkin as an example
  5. 5 Pretty gardening

Meet Gerd every day – this is how you find the sloth      

As soon as you have downloaded the update 2.0 for Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can enter his plaza on Harvey’s island. Here Gerd is allowed to open a shop for 100,000 sternis. The advantage: You can visit Harvey’s island by plane and do not need a mile ticket. Have you already made a lot of money with the beet trade? Then invest in Gerd’s shop. It will take until the next day, as soon as you have fully invested the 100,000 sternis. Then you buy individual seedlings from Gerd for 280 sternis or 5-packs for 1,400 sternis. From now on he has two different seedlings ready for use every day. If you play with friends, make an appointment as soon as Gerd shows up on one of your friends’ islands or with you.

New plants at Gerd      

  • Carrots
  • potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • wheat
  • Sugar cane

Growing vegetables and grains      

Growing vegetables or grains works the same as growing pumpkins, which worked for Animal Crossing: New Horizons prior to the 2.0 update. You look for a place that you can work with the shovel and place the seedlings there. This works best on grass. To plant coconuts, dig a hole on the beach and place the coconut there. After a few days you will harvest vegetables or fruits. Do not dig up the plants so that they continue to yield. You water the plants to get a higher yield.

The pumpkin as an example      

After three days, the pumpkin seedling will bear fruit. There’s a 70 percent chance you’ll get an orange squash. Yellow, white or green pumpkins are each 10 percent likely. Alternatively, you can plant a pumpkin of a certain color in order to harvest exactly those pumpkins later. If you water the pumpkin plant once a day, it will bear another pumpkin on the third day. Since the pumpkins are ripe after 3 days, you can water them twice and harvest a maximum of three pumpkins on the third day. After the harvest, the plant will also bear fruit again after 2 days and you will then harvest again. In Nook’s shop you sell the pumpkins or use them to make some Halloween items or cooking recipes.

Pretty gardening      

If you have already achieved a 3-star rating for your island, you can get the island designer in the service center. However, this is only a purely visual feature. With the black earth path you create a kind of bed that is visually different from the rest of the island. Perhaps you will surround the bed with a fancy fence.

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